Delay the Disease Success Stories

In the videos below, Parkinson’s patients share how participation in Delay the Disease has helped them gain control over their Parkinson’s disease.

Also included are quotes from other participants as well as healthcare professionals, symposium coordinators and those who have used our exercise program books and DVDs.

Videos and Quotes from Exercise Program Participants

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Exercise Participants

“It might be overly dramatic to say exercise saved my life, but it certainly saved my quality of life. I can sit and stand with ease now, my posture is straight and my small voice has been replaced with a stronger one. My arm swing is returning, I no longer shuffle. The biggest change is my mental outlook. My demeanor has improved so much that my overall reaction to this affliction has become almost dismissive. Overall, I feel as good or better than my pre-afflicted self.” ~ KC, class participant

“Since I started this exercise class, I have noticed an increased endurance in all my daily activities. My husband and I both notice an improvement in my gait. Even though some of my symptoms are better because of medication, I really believe that exercise has helped the most. Thank you David.” ~ AT, class participant

“I feel better, and more flexible than before I started regular exercise. David’s class is great because it targets certain needs of the PD patient. This class gives me the feeling that I am taking control of my illness and actually doing something to help myself. Lastly, the class provides a pleasant experience of camaraderie with other PD patients.” ~ MW, class participant

“The obvious physical benefits to me are greater flexibility, maintenance of muscle strength and less rigidity. My mental focus and concentration have also improved. The secondary benefit that is equally important, in my opinion, is socializing with other PD patients and making new friends. I feel more comfortable exercising with folks ‘in the same boat’ who understand personal limitations.” ~ DJ, class participant

“The most difficult but also the most important thing I did after finding out I had Parkinson’s was accepting my diagnosis and educating myself about treatment options,” said Brenda Castle. It was during the period following her diagnosis in September 2013 that she discovered the OhioHealth Delay The Disease program. “The first class I attended was so inspiring. I sat there watching these people, who were going through a similar experience as me, do things that I thought were a part of my past life.” Read Brenda's full story.

Healthcare Professional Testimonials

“One of the most important and successful parts of our Parkinson’s treatment regimen is the addition of David’s exercise program. Every one of my patients is advised to pursue it. Many of our patients find the program to be as or more valuable than the medications we use. I have David to thank for helping me see a more holistic approach to the care of these patients.” ~Geoff Eubank, MD, OhioHealth

“I highly recommend this manual to individuals with PD, in any stage of the disease. My patients that participate in the program feel great satisfaction with their improved mobility and enhanced independence.” ~Deb Kegelmeyer, DPT, MS, GCS, Assistant Professor of Clinical Allied Medicine, the Ohio State University Medical Center, Physical Therapist with 23 years experience specializing in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

“This plan helped me to pursue a positive and active approach to PD; it made me understand that I may have Parkinson’s, but it does not have me.”~T.H. Mallory, M.D., F.A.C.S., orthopedic surgeon with Parkinson’s disease, helped initiate this program.

“David’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. His method is of value for Parkinson’s disease and numerous other disorders impacting balance and movement.” ~Donald S. Higgins, Jr., MD, Chief Neurology Service, Stratton VA Medical Center, Professor of Neurology, Albany Medical College

“Delay the Disease is based on sound exercise principles related to Parkinson’s disease. It makes exercise fun and empowers individuals to fight back, get active and learn!” ~Michelle Masterson, PT, PhD, The University of Toledo DPT Program

Symposium Coordinator Responses

“We were thrilled to have David and Jackie present the Delay the Disease program at our annual summer seminar. Jackie did a wonderful job presenting the background of the program with warmth and sincerity. Our members also found David’s enthusiasm contagious during his demonstration and really seemed to ENJOY the exercises! Many of them are now interested in purchasing the DVD (or already have) and we are looking to put together a regular exercise program based on Delay the Disease, because of the response of our members. We would highly recommend the program and would love to welcome David and Jackie back another time.”~ Lynne Gotham, Coordinator of Parkinson Partners of NW Pennsylvania (Erie, PA)

“Jackie and David provided one of the most wonderful exercise presentations in our history of nine Parkinson’s symposiums in Buffalo, New York. They were captivating to our audience of 238 in attendance including PD patients, caregivers and health care providers. Spectacular presentation, great energy, all of which was highly motivating to our group! We thank them and highly recommend them to our PD families.” ~ Pat Weigel, RN, Buffalo, NY

“Jackie Russell and David Zid WOWED the audience of over 375 people when presenting a program on Delay the Disease Through Exercise held in St. Louis in July, 2008. For some, exercise conjures up sweats and smelly gymnasiums, but David and Jackie have written a program specifically for PD patients at whatever level they are at. David asks the audience to stand up and sit down. There, an exercise! Copies of Delay the Disease remain popular almost a year later and the DVD is a favorite to view in clinic and at our resource library. Jackie’s recounting personal stories of her mother-in-law who suffered with PD and Dr. Mallory’s transformation through exercise is inspirational. We continue to feature a byline of functional exercises in our quarterly newsletter. I highly recommend this energized duo for an educational and inspiring program for patients with Parkinson’s and their care partners. ~ Deborah Dalin Guyer, MA, CCC-SLP, Executive Director, St. Louis Parkinson’s Association, Coordinator, APDA Information & Referral Center

Responses to our Exercise Books and DVDs

“The Delay the Disease book hit the mark for me. I set up my own program for exercise. It helped me so much that I shared the book at a Parkinson’s support group and given the response I contacted the management of our local Athletic Club. This led to forming an exercise group at our club. The class is called Muscles in Motion.”

“As soon as the DVD arrived we started doing the exercises together and have been faithfully doing them almost every day since. We feel like David is a personal friend!!! David has made this program an enjoyable experience and has motivated us to continue to Delay the Disease. We would definitely recommend them to PD people and even seniors like us looking for an exercise program that is “do-able.”

“I think your book is GREAT!! I had already come to the conclusion that exercise made me feel a lot better and sometimes even helped me forget I had PD. I like the way your book is organized for people at all stages of PD and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone affected by this disease. The photographs in your book are clear and easy to follow, and David Zid’s smile is infectious.”

“My husband uses the DVD 2 or 3 times a week and finds it extremely helpful, I have noticed an improvement in his walking and fine motor skills due to the hand exercises. The DVD is just so convenient.”

“For over 10 years, I have been conducting daily fitness classes for those with PD here in Naples, FL. In my position with PASFI (Parkinson’s Assoc. Southern Florida) part of my responsibility is to review available exercise programs and make recommendations. Your program is the first program that I felt I could enthusiastically recommend to my organization and my participants. Your exercise inventory is excellent.” From an ACE certified trainer in Naples, FL