What Makes Our Fitness Program Different

What Makes Us DifferentOhioHealth Delay the Disease™ is a fitness program designed to empower people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) by targeting their symptoms and optimizing their physical function.

Delay the Disease founders David Zid, BA, ACE, APG, and Jackie Russell, RN, BSN, CNOR, are passionate about the fact that Parkinson’s disease can be managed with daily exercise, putting you back in control. This disease does NOT need to define you. Their belief in hope and inspiration for this community is a testimonial to their mission — to help provide this important tool of exercise to all people with Parkinson’s.

In a Group or On Your Own, You Can Fight Parkinson’s

OhioHealth Delay the Disease is a life-changing wellness program. It is founded on evidence-based, structured exercise routines that are focused on strength training and correcting disease-specific physical challenges. They work toward retraining the mind and body.

Along with individual personal training and free and fee-based group exercise classes, the program is available as a book and DVD. Discounts are offered to Parkinson’s disease organizations and support groups for quantity purchases of books and DVDs. We also offer a fitness and wellness program for people with Parkinson’s disease at the OhioHealth McConnell Heart Health Center.

National and Local Community Outreach

David and Jackie offer professional support to Parkinson’s disease organizations. They are nationally recognized motivational speakers and provide an uplifting interactive presentation filled with optimism, energy, courage and hope. They teach an accredited evidenced-based educational course for healthcare professionals (10 CE credits) to broaden understanding of Parkinson’s disease and help healthcare professionals become Parkinson’s–specific with respect to exercise and physical therapy.